Design Flourish

Where Fitness meets wellness

Design Flourish

Infrared Sauna
Synergy Special Sauna Sessions 2 for $25
Open Gym: 4:00-5:00PM

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Where fitness meets wellness

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World-Class Instructors

Authentic, dedicated and a mix of styles to deepen your practice.

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Synergy I – Maite

2nd Floor, Market Wholesale Bldg.
751 Machaute Drive, Route 8 Maite

Mon-Fri: 5-8am (Mornings)
Mon-Thurs: 5-8pm (Evenings)
Saturdays: 8-12pm (Weekend)


(671) 472-YOGA (9642)

Synergy II РHagaṯa

East Marine Corps Drive,
Hagatna, GU

Mon-Thurs: 6-8pm
Every Saturday: 8-12pm
Every Sunday: 9-12pm


(671) 472-SNRG (7674)